The Gods of Frelia

The Gods were created by the Architect in 1316 BF. They were given control over a domain of existence, and given free reign to live their life as they wished. The Gods used to be called Angels, but after the rebellion of Schrull, they started going by Gods.

The Architect

The Architect was the one true God. He created the Angels, and left them to their own devices. He left Frelia shortly after, and was never heard from again.

Reneil, the God of Light, Honor, and Good

Reniel, the Angel of Light, would look over the Light and Goodness of the world. He often took the aspect of a tall pale man, beautiful in every way. Reniel designed his land to be a realm of brilliance and shining light, to dispel all doubt and uplift any spirit. It was quite possibly the most beautiful of all the realms of existence. He would lead the Good Gods in their wars against Shcrull and the forces of darkness.

Schrull, the God of Darkness, Creativity, and Secrets. Became the God of Shadows, Evil, and Corruption.

Schrull, Angel of Darkness, was tasked with the opposite of the spectrum: He would handle the night, the secret, all that is dark, powerful, and hidden by the shadows. No one can say what form he took, as he was always covered in a shadowy veil of darkness that enveloped all around him. Not to be upstaged by his brother, he created a beautiful world of dark hues and colors, a truly amazing sight to see. He would eventually rebel and create the evil in the world, leading the “Evil” Gods in their wars.

Dallad, the God of Balance, Neutrality, and Fairness

Dallad, the Angel of Balance, would look over creation and the other Angels to be sure that balance is perfect in the world. If one Angel got to powerful, he would be the one to take care of it. He was also a very humble Angel, appearing as a normal looking Human, albeit with odd grey skin. His realm is a simple and plain symmetrical chair that he sits in and observes creation from. He would be the self-proclaimed leader of the “neutral” Gods, even though none of them followed his desires. He fought for whichever side was weaker.

Heral, the God of Life, Health, and Humanity

Heral, the Angel of Life, would look over all life in Creation: any mortal life in existance, he had a hand in. His world was a lush and lively world, full of life, and a save haven for all mortals. He appeared as a gentle old man, kind and full of life in his old age. He has lost almost all power, and lives with his wife Frelia on their island off the coast of Trellthia, farming and living with their butler Myork.

Tal’Nus, the Angel of Death

Tal’nus, the Angel of Death, was tasked with ferrying the dead mortals into the afterlife. Despite his terrifying appearance of a skeletal cloaked figure, he was one of the only Angels who did not make himself perfect in every way, and yet despite his skeletal and horrific appearance, he was actually a very patient and friendly Angel, perhaps second only to Illian. He was the only Angel with no personal realm of any kind. Instead, he took the dead to the other realms they belong in. He also was the only Angel to refuse to call himself a God.

Madgha, the Goddess of Magic, Souls, and Energy

Madgha, the Angel of Magic, was tasked with providing the magic of all of creation, and keeping it balanced. She appeared as a beautiful young woman with flowing red hair, very seductive and powerful. Her realm was an infinite maelstrom of magical energies: one of the more inhospitable for the unprepared. She was captured by Vex Kafka, the Dragon of Stars, and thus Magic was nearly stolen from the world.

Begarius, the God of Mind, Thought, and Invention. Became the God of Insanity.

Begarius, the Angel of Mind, would look over all thought that entered creation. He took the form of a kindly scholar, with a long grey beard and a friendly grin. His world was formed of beautiful cities and well planned buildings, many of which were libraries filled with all thought that entered the lands. He would eventually fall from his tower to become the God of Insanity.

Aria, the Goddess of Wisdom, Knowledge, and Ideas

Aria, the Angel of Wisdom, was tasked with the education and skills of those that were created. As such, she often worked with Begarius. She was seen as a beautiful blond woman, standing high above all, but looking down with kindness. Her world was a simple tower, filled with books on every subject imaginable. She designed Humans, along with Reneil and Judil.

Salovar, the God of Nature, Beasts, and Savagry

Salovar, the Angel of Nature, was tasked with looking over the plants and wild beasts the Angels created. He took a form similar to his beasts, a tall brown-skinned man with antlers growing from his head. He did his job with loving care, and created a lush world where all his subjects could flourish and prosper. Many of the other Angels claimed he had a little too much dedication to his job, however, and did not seem to care about much else. He created the Elves, along with Illian.

Terra, the Goddess of Earth, Metal, and Beards

Terra, the Angel of Earth, would look over the land which the Gods would create: mountains, metals and minerals were her jurisdiction, and her world mirrored this: A world of beautiful mountains and caverns, rich in metals. The other Angels coveted her fine metals, especially her tears, which would become known as Terranium, a metal of shining brilliance and strength that even the Angels could not break. As she was the mother of the Dwarves, she took a Dwarven form.

Illian, the Goddess of Ice, Purity, and Children

Illian, the Angel of Ice, would rule over the cold and frozen. She was the most friendly of the Angels, despite her cold realm of rule, a frozen wonderland of ice and snow. Her friendly and often childish demeanor was mirrored in her form: That of a young Frost Elven girl. She was also the mother of the Frost Elves, whom she designed along with Solovar.

Fhall, the God of Fire, Passion, and Emotion. Would become the God of Inferno and Rage

Fhall, the Angel of Fire, was tasked with the heat and fire all throughout creation, as well as the passion within mortals. He was hot tempered and very passionate about his ideals. He appeared as a tall man with flowing red hair that seemed to be made of pure flames. His realm was a giant ball of fire, forever violent like a sun. He created the Orcs and Goblins.

Aquiensus, the God of Water, Cures, and the Ocean

Aquiensus, the Angel of Water, was tasked with the Water of creation, and as an extension, the cleanliness of creation. He appeared as a giant man with the bottom half of his body being a fish, and he was often seen wielding his trident. His world was a simple ocean with no end, filled with many fantastic sea creatures of his own design. He created the Leviathans and the Merfolk.

Judil, the God of Justice, Control, and Judgement

Judis, the Angel of Justice, was tasked to bring retribution to those that did wrong, usually acting against the Architect’s word. As such, he often worked with Ballab to discover the wrong doing. He appeared as a very powerful and beautiful man with silvery flowing wings. This image would often be known to Humans as an Angel, as this was how Judis based all of his followers off of. As the Architect was the true meaning of Good, Judis designed his world after the Architect’s True Heaven. This world is often known as heaven, but it is simple a clone, much lesser than the true magnificence of the True Heaven.

Tickolk, the God of Time, Prophecies, and Forethought

Tickolk, the Angel of Time, was tasked with observing the history and timeline of creation. The other Angels would usually go to him when they wished to give premonitions of the past to their heroes. He changed shape constantly, appearing as every instance of Human existance, from childhood to elder years. Tickolck had a simple square room as his realm, filled with a thousand clocks and a simple chair he sat in whilst observing history.

Maros, the God of Peace. Became the God of War before being killed.

Maros, the Angel of Peace, was designed to keep the peace between both mortals and the Angels themselves. He was the twin of Predera, and as such looked very similar to her, with similar beautiful wings and two swords he kept strapped to his back. His world was a fortress, a bastion of fortitude and peace shining upon creation. He became the God of War and was killed by Judil.

Predera, the Goddess of Love, Winds, and Weather. Became the Goddess of Despair and Storms.

Predera, the Angel of Love, was put to the task of looking over and spreading the love inside all mortals, along with the side domain of the sky. She enjoyed her job, and grew to love and care for the mortals she looked over. She appeared similarly to Judis, but much more elegant, with smaller beautiful wings and a red bow. Her realm was a soft and airy realm, with clouds and no land to be seen. She was forced into falling by the evil whispers of Schrull.

Felarus. the God of Trust, Loyalty, and Community. Became the God of Deciet and Thieves.

Felarus, the Angel of Trust, would be the Patron saint of trust and care. His jurisdiction went hand in hand his Predera’s, and as such they often worked together. He appeared as a young man with jet black hair and piercing grey eyes. His realm was a simple town, filled with the dual powers of love and trust. Would fall along with Schrull and Fhall, focusing on deciet and intrigue.


Locke, the God of Hope

Locke is born as the reincarnation of Maros, at the end of the Age of Justice. He ascends to take his place, but doesn’t change his name. He doesn’t accept Peace, but he rejects War as well, believing that Hope will lead them to a brighter future.

Sal, the Goddess of Souls

Sal is the daughter of Illian and Al’their. She fuses with Madgha to become the new Godess of Magic, but as she is allied with Good now, her domain changes. She is the Goddess of Souls, knowledgeable of the energies within every living creature.

The Gods of Frelia

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