The Ages

In 1316 BF, the Age of Angels began when the Achitect made the Angels. They spent 1316 years growing up, learning the extent of their power, and building realms of their own. They come together to create a world that is all of their powers combined, creating the world of Frelia. They feel it’s missing something, so they create a single woman, naming her after the world. The God of Life marries her and this marks the end of the Age of Angels.

In the Age of Humanity, 1 AF, the God of Life creates more humans and they ship off to the mainland, creating a kingdom. Communities slowly start to rise here and there across the world, and all the major races are created, most using the design of Humans. Orcs and Dwarves go to war with each other, sparking their forever hatred of each other, and this period ends in 100 AF when the other Angels learn that Schrull, the Angel of Darkness, had planted a dark corruption into humanity. He declares himself a God, and rebels.

The Age of War starts in 101 AF, and is marked by the sundering of the beautiful world of Frelia. Kingdoms rise and are destroyed by the magical battles of the now Gods. Five other Gods fall: Fire becomes Inferno, Trust becomes Deciet, Mind becomes Insanity, Love becomes Despair, and Peace becomes War. Justice ends up killing War, thus ending the Godswar when they decide “holy shit this is getting to be too much, w’ll just kill each other”. A sword is created, then shattered. A sword that can kill anything. Godslaw is made, Gods can no longer interfere with Frelia. They all leave to go back to their worlds. It ends on 543 AF

The Age of Peace starts in 544, and ends in 631. It’s a period marked by little movement, other than the kidnapping of the God of Magic. Magic slowly starts to fade from the world because of this.

The Age of Water is marked by a time where Merfolk ruled the trade industry, being one of the only times they were actually out and about in the world. Pirates also roamed free. It went on from 632-694 AF.

The Age of Justice was one of the longest ages, and it was when Trellthia became the world’s superpower. The religion of Justice was formed, and a kingdom based around its teachings became incredibly strong. A LOT of books take place in this period, but it was mostly the middle ages and is the most Lord of the Rings-y period, everything being all fantasy like. It ends in 1201, when the God of Inferno tries to steal the Angelslayer away, and is killed in the process.

The Age of Ice occurs from 1234-1258, when the world freezes over at the lack of a Fire God. Magic is nearly non-existant, with only the most gifted being able to use basic tricks. The world basically freezes over, and it becomes kinda Game of Thronesy in that way. This period ends when the God of Magic is freed from her captivity, and she fuses with a young Elven child to become the Goddess of Souls.

The Age of Magic starts in 1260 AF, and is characterized by an incredible amount of Magic surging through the world. Anyone with time on their hands can learn basic tricks. The Gecken and Aknivarians (Chinese) take especially to this. Gecken can’t use magic themselves, but they can use it to power machines, and the Aknivarians start to use magic almost indescriminately. It ends in 1386, with the near destruction of the entire Aknivarian head leaders because of the misuse of magic.

The Age of Industry is characterized by a decline in Trellthia’s power, and Aknivar becoming the strongest world power. They use magic so much that it begins to pollute the area around them, creating Magical swamps and mutants. The Gecken and Dwarves, threatened by this, create a permanent alliance and start developing clean-use Magical weaponry. Demons and Gods by this point basically no longer care about the Godslaws, and go in and out of the world freely. It lasts from 1387 until 1522.
[8:57:19 PM] Matt: The Age of Shadows (has begun) lasts from 1523 until 1678. Aknivar is now entirely under the control of a Demon heirarchy, and the Justice-based religious societies of the west are weakened so much that darkness and evil rule the land. This period ends when the apocalypse happens and the world is destroyed.

The Ages

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