There are many different Races in Frelia, most of them playable.


Humans are the creation of Judil, Reniel, and Aria. They are designed after the Architect. The first Human was Frelia, and after her creation, many more were created. They then spread out across the world, changing due to differences in habitat and culture. There are many different kingdom and regions that humans now inhabit, and as such, there are many variations you can play as. They are still considered Human for all intents and purposes. Those variations can be found on the Humans page.


Elves are a race of human-offspring, magically altered by Illian and Salovar. They are intune with nature and magic, and generally calmer and less expansive than Humans. They also are mostly lacking in the corruption that runs rampant in Humans. There are three Elf offbreeds, which can be found on the Elves page.


Dwarves are animated statues, designed and first made by Heral and Terra. They are men and women of rock and metal. They were based off of Humanity, but as they are not direct descendants, they do not have the Gifts that Humans were given at their creation. The main problem with this is they are not Magically talented.


The Gecken are a race of lizard-men made by Terra and Heral. As such, they consider Dwarves their cousins, and are friendly with them. They are shy and very rarely travel, but are technological geniuses. Like Dwarves, they can not use magic.


The Merfolk are another illusive race, only being found in the Lost Lake to the North. They are actually altered humans, and therefore can use magic. They look very similar to Humans, except are tinged blue and have small fins on their neck.



The Orcs are a brutish idiotic race made by Fhall. They are based off of Humans, but can not use Magic. They act as the Evil Gods’ brute force.


Goblins are much more intelligent, but are weak and unable to fight well one on one. As such, they instead lead the Orcs into battle on the backs of raptors, using poisons to do their talking for them.


Angels are being of pure energy; Souls given shape. While all other races are souls that are then places in a physical vessel, an Angel is the term for any soul that is made physical. They can only be made by other Angels, such as the 18 High Angels, who now call themselves Gods.


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